A research on counseling adolescents

Adolescence is a crucial period in the "physiological, emotional and cognitive development" of students Jackson,p. Complicating adolescent developmental goals is the fact that racism continues to be a defining factor in American society, particularly in regards to the development of African American adolescents.

A research on counseling adolescents

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Download Now A comprehensive, theory-based approach to working with young clients in both school and clinical settings Counseling and Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents, Fifth Edition provides mental health professionals and students with state-of-the-art theory and practical guidance for major contemporary psychotherapeutic schools of thought.

Children and adolescents are not just small adults; they have their own needs, requirements, and desires, on top of the issues presented by still-developing brains and limited life perspective.

Providing care for young clients requires a deep understanding of the interventions and approaches that work alongside growing brains, and the practical skill to change course to align with evolving personalities.

The thoroughly revised fifth edition is a comprehensive reference, complete with expert insight. Organized around theory, this book covers both clinical and school settings in the fields of psychology, counseling, and social work. Coverage of the latest thinking and practice includes Cognitive Behavioral, Rational-Emotive, Reality Therapy, Solution Focused, Family Systems, and Play Therapy, providing a complete resource for any mental health expert who works with young people.

Understand the major approaches to counseling and psychotherapeutic interventions Discover the ethical and legal implications of working with children and adolescents Learn how to employ culturally responsive counseling with younger clients Examine interventions for children and adolescents with disabilities and health care needs This updated edition includes a stronger emphasis on the clinical application of theory to specific disorders of childhood and adolescence, and new coverage of the legal and ethical issues related to social media.

Chapters include a case studies and online resources that make it ideal for classroom use, and new chapters on Solution-Focused Therapy and Play Therapy enhance usefulness to practicing therapists. Expert guidance covers techniques for working with individuals, groups, and parents, and explores the efficacy of the theories under discussion.Emerging brain research shows the adolescent love of reward is good for learning and memory.

Helping adolescents deal with anger and other emotions . Counseling Adolescents About Contraception.

Counseling of adolescent students - Research Database

ABSTRACT: Modern contraceptives are very effective when used correctly and, thus, effective counseling regarding contraceptive options and provision of resources to increase access are key components of adolescent health care. Regardless of a patient’s age or previous sexual activity, the obstetrician–gynecologist routinely should address her.

Adolescents are a special group because of their developmental stage and the special problems. Considering all these facts we need to give more importance to issues concerning the adolescent age.

A research on counseling adolescents

A 5 page research paper that discusses the similarities between counseling for adults and counseling for adolescents. In order to do this, the writer compares adult and adolescent counseling for sexual abuse and argues that, based on these observations, the two areas are quite similar when it comes to basics.

Several case studies are included to help illustrate the counseling techniques and interventions. The book also includes a chapter on working with parents and teachers.

An accompanying CD of all the reproducible forms and student handouts is included with the book. American Counseling Association - a professional and educational organization that is dedicated to all things counseling related. This introductory text for counselors-in-training and emerging researchers focuses on research methodology, design, measurement, and evaluation.

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