An analysis of the theories and conspiracies of the gospels in christian dogma

Whereas many lower level Masons are led to believe that he must be the Judeo-Christian God, the truth is that they are worshipping Lucifer. Albert Pike, one of the great Masonic historians reveals that the name of the being that the Masons are worshiping is in fact Lucifer.

An analysis of the theories and conspiracies of the gospels in christian dogma

Indeed some will contend that Wells goes too far, but this book, it must be remembered was part of the war effort.

An analysis of the theories and conspiracies of the gospels in christian dogma

When it was written, Wells had recently retired from the position of Minister of Allied Propaganda, but that official retirement did not stop him continuing that effort.

During those grim days of bombing and terror, many wealthy people fled London to the safety of country estates. Wells refused to leave London. He knew that shared suffering between the economic classes was key to the war effort. He would not leave knowing that the poor had no choice but to stay and he meant to shame his wealthy fellow-Londoners by his resolve.

His front door was blown in several times by German bombs, and even though he was in his late 70's and ill health, he joined in the regular patrols of the war-time streets for fires.

It was under this sort of duress that he wrote Crux Ansata. In Crux, Wells uses his pulpit of public teacher to add fuel to the fire of British morale. He praises the independant spirit of the Englishman and denounces the "spreading octopus" of the Church and its "Shinto alliance.

It has occasional long quotes by other authors, but as was necessitated by the difficulties of war time, it is a short book; terse and to the point. There are times though when Crux Ansata dwindles into vagueness, and one gets a brief passing feeling that H.

Despite this, however, Crux has its share of powerful quotes that, in part, save it from being merely a piece of wartime propoganda. It entangled itself with archaic traditions of human sacrifice, with Mithraic blood-cleansing, with priestcraft as ancient as human society, and with elaborate doctrines about the structure of the divinity.

The gory entrail-searching forefinger of the Etruscan pontifex maximus presently overshadowed the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth He is fighting against disturbing suggestions. He must not look at women lest he think of sex.

A Few Notes on Nature Spirits, Part One: Nature as “It,” Nature as “You” - Ecosophia

He must not look about him, for reality, that is to say the devil, waits to seduce him on every hand. You see him muttering his protective incantations, avoiding your eye. He is suppressing "sinful" thoughts" ibid, page I cut the following paragraph from The Times of October 27th, At least the Italians now realise what being bombed means and the nature of the suffering they have so callously inflicted on little Malta since June 12th,when they showered their first bombs on what was then an almost defenceless island.Rejection of dogma is considered heresy in certain religions, and may lead to expulsion from the religious group, although in the Christian Gospels this is not done rashly (e.g.

Mt ). For most of Eastern Christianity, the dogmata are contained in the Nicene Creed and the canons of two, three, or seven ecumenical councils (depending on. In , the tomb of the High Priest Caiaphas - who, according to the Gospels, sent Jesus to the cross - was unearthed in Jerusalem.

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An analysis of the theories and conspiracies of the gospels in christian dogma

pontifical council for culture pontifical council for interreligious dialogue. jesus christ the bearer of the water of life. a christian reflection. Historical Criticism and the Gospels. By Editor – March 19, Contemporary Theories. The literary and historical analysis of the Synoptic Gospels has pursued four major paths –source criticism, form criticism, tradition criticism and redaction/composition criticism.

It is more like wearing bifocals which allow the Christian to engage.

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