An essay on my passion in playing ping pong

Books Our friend and contributor to LebowskiGuido Mina di Sospiro is an accomplished writer who, later in life, turned his hand to a new pastime — table tennis. In his recently published book The Metaphysics of Ping PongMina di Sospiro discusses the philosophies inherent in the game, and even how ping pong can relate to various aspects of life.

The book, The Legend of the Wandering King was a book greatly remembered by the Grade 7 Advanced Class I was part of as a page turner, something easy and light to read, yet enthralling and entertaining. This is the original copy of the Book Report I submitted to my teacher for grading.

In the novel, the author, Laura Gallego Garcia has really been a brilliant writer. To be honest, I really had a fun time reading this book than any other book because the author had her own unique way of ending a chapter.

She ends each chapter with exciting endings that persuade you to continue reading. This book has really been like a friend to me. I feel like venturing through this window that would take me into a new and wonderful world created by the author.

I really liked this book because I could relate myself to it. When I relate myself with it, I learn more about myself.

From Ping Pong to Leadership Essay – Free Papers and Essays Examples

I learned that I have abilities and qualities that I have never knew. It is like a mirror wherein I could see myself clearly on the other side and in the process learn more about myself. At first, I found it quite ridiculous but after reading the last chapter, I was really convinced, it is true.

No one could control our lives except for one person, God. We control our own lives. In my journey in life, I was not given a path that has complete signs I am to follow. I was given a path in which I have control over my decisions. If I make good decisions, then, I am able to reach my destination.

While bad choices, ultimately lead to bad consequences wherein a dark and uncertain path will be ahead. Another good thing I learned from this novel is to take the consequences for my actions.

An essay on my passion in playing ping pong

Walid had already accepted the consequence of his actions when he met his old rawi, Hakim in Hegra. This trait was really shown when he said: As for Walid, the small man in the red turban guides Walid through his journey.

In our world today, the small man in the red turban may be just my guardian angel.

From Ping Pong to Leadership Essay – Free Papers and Essays Examples

They are just the people who guide me through my journeys in life. In a journey, there are many destinations, but it is in our hands if we will pursue these destinations.

We will always control our destiny. The success of reaching our destination is in my hands.Claim: A video clip shows martial arts star Bruce Lee expertly playing ping-pong using nunchaku rather than a Former rock and roll publicist finds a new passion in ping pong. Posted PM, July 27, , They started off playing each other then joined a women’s league.

“Ping-pong” is the trademark name often called to the name of table tennis. When free rein at private-enterprise levels, this sport demands extremer levels of agility, coordination, and stamina, as well as split-second regulation and expert tactical maneuvering. KABOOM! by Greg Hajduk, Valparaiso, Indiana.

November 26, I was at a party with friends playing ping-pong. I was 15; she was Her name was Joanne.

An essay on my passion in playing ping pong

Ping-pong is a sport that has the reputation for being nerdy and pointless, but if that’s your impression of it, you have a lot to learn.

Let me explain. Writing is my thing, taking pictures is my passion, playing Ping Pong is my hobby, and playing Text Twist is what I do when I’m bored to death. Poll of the Week This PLWS will host polls on current issues involving the school, learning and technology.

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