Declining milk sales

To my delight, Sue has finally agreed! As I have traveled around the world, I have found many, many wonderful and creative people who make beautiful wreaths and greenery arrangements. I count Sue among the best.

Declining milk sales

America Revealed Today we face a climate of ever increasing misdirection by popular media. This site, along with others, aims to reveal the reality of America and the loss of fact inherent to the over riding theme of our current political and social confusion: It was so named for the prosperity and promise associated with the opportunity that was once available to anyone who, when willing to work, could acquire a piece of the America Dream.

Today, the story is much different. Hard work seems to mean little in our current system where the elite control the money and the associated greed so intrinsic to their self service, has robbed good, hard working Americans of their right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

After a lifetime of effort in the chase for their piece of the pie, some Americans are finding themselves out in the cold, having lost their jobs and their dreams in the aftermath of the Great Recession.

Many of these unfortunate people are quickly finding themselves added to the homeless numbers of America. Many are trying to survive the current economic depression by seeking federal assistance but have found, much to their dismay, that government programs, one of their only rays of hope during their time of tribulation, are being taken by the same group of people who assisted in their demise: Those responsible for the economic plunge are trying to phase out social systems that provide those who are suffering a lifeline in the ocean of betrayal they are drowning in.

Even worse, it seems to not matter to those surviving the current economic disaster. Declining milk sales prisoners protecting their plate of food, these people are surrendering conscience for three squares and a warm cot of their own.

In light of the actions taken or inaction in some cases, by our governmental representatives, those from rural and suburban areas have had no choice but to abandon their townships and move toward the cities in search of shelter and whatever government aide remains.

They have migrated en masse to the urban centers of this nation in search of the remnants of their National security but in place of the Golden Lamp, they have only found iron bars and cold, impersonal streets. In lieu of allowing the preservation of their survival, Cities are beginning to enact anti-homeless initiatives to drive them back to where they came while those responsible for this treachery receive record bonuses and wallow in ill-gotten gains.

Petersburg, Florida is a prime example of such inhuman approaches. The City has enacted new laws toward the criminalization of the homeless. Petersburg has passed 6 new ordinances that target homeless people.

These include ordinances that outlaw panhandling throughout most of downtown, prohibit the storage of personal belongings on public property, and make it unlawful to sleep outside at various locations.

In Januarythe Pinellas-Pasco Public Defender announced that he would no longer represent indigent people arrested for violating municipal ordinances to protest what he called excessive arrests of homeless individuals by the City of St.

Across America, the suffrage of economic victimhood is being called to the forefront as the newest criminal act. Many Laws have been put into place to make illegal, people living in the streets thereby dissuading them from coming to their cities at all. Both sides of the Congressional Aisle have argued the semantics of the mortgage crisis and the current economic strife but the blame for the downfall of this once great nation means nothing when one is huddled beneath a dirty blanket trying to survive the cold or going hungry.

The homeless only know they their basic American rights have been denied. Adding insult to injury, those Congressional representatives, who were put into office to ensure the continuation of our American system, are trying to take even more from them.

Many on the right have argued that the US has become a nanny state. This may have been a valid approach in strong economic times of yesteryear when work was plentiful and the American Dream was alive but now, in the shadow of Bush Era gluttony and growing Tea Party faux-Patriotic oligarchy, it stands as a slap in the face of hard working Americans waking to the American nightmare.

Some on the Left, voted into office by an American public that needed to be protected, are making deals to further empower the elite in order to acquire their own earmarks and campaign contributor benefits. They too, seem to have lost sight of what America used to stand for. The only security this country seems to care for anymore is the one that allows for funds to be taken from social services and used for war, Patriot Act driven oppression and corporate welfare entitlement.

Those unfortunate souls who have to stand in line for a warm bed in an overcrowded dormitory or in a food kitchen line to get a modest meal, are painfully finding that many of their lifelines are being denied by the very country they pledged their allegiance to. Instead of solutions, politicians are only delivering rhetoric, excuses and false promises.

Many try to ignore these people as they represent the errors and gluttony of a nation lost but they are still American citizens and need to be cared for.

The simple reality is this: American governance has become detached from the lives lived by those whom it has been charged the protection and care of.

Support OneGreenPlanet Email America's love affair with cereals is fading. An estimated nine out of 10 households have cereal in their pantries, but those numbers are actually down.
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Latest Health Headlines Europe is planning more retaliatory tariffs on top of those already imposed on American peanut butter and orange juice, and Canada and Mexico continue to levy taxes on American goods, including on pork and cheese. Trump, who has had broad support in many farm states, still insists that his get-tough approach to trade will ultimately help American farmers, a position Mr.

According to the principles of fascism, the rule of the elite class is inevitable in such a system as Corporatism. Fascists feel that elite rule is natural and desirable, and those with the rare qualities of leadership will rise to the top.

This type of leader does not derive power from a constitution, but is the embodiment of the people. Mussolini said a leader is "…the living sum of untold souls striving for a goal. In the case of this country however, or leaders are leading us to ruin and are far from the mantle of greatness.

Maybe this nation is not heading toward fascism after all. That leap would take real intelligence and power derived through purpose.

Declining milk sales

Fascism takes control and intelligence but recently, America is quickly losing the control it once had in the world and our self-labeled leaders emerging from places like Alaska, are far from intelligent.America was once called the Land of Milk and Honey.

It was so named for the prosperity and promise associated with the opportunity that was once available to anyone who, when willing to work, could acquire a piece of the America Dream.

As you can see from the chart, the percentage of Americans who had a “great deal” or a “fair amount” of trust in the news media has declined from over 70 percent shortly after . Despite the warm memories of childhood and the sugar highs, cereal sales have sagged over the past few years.

Willow Pond Farm by Bob Girardin and Catherine Howard Editor’s note: I had wanted to visit Willow Pond Farm for years, and I was on my way September 11, . Get the latest health news, diet & fitness information, medical research, health care trends and health issues that affect you and your family on Nov 16,  · The High Plains dairy complex reflects the new scale of the U.S.

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