E business and the supply chain essay

The e-business on the other hand involves ways of using internet technologies to improve the value of the commodity of the company and facilitate customer satisfaction. The secondary level on the other hand provides transport of the products, to locate where their customers are and packaging.

E business and the supply chain essay

Essay This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Supply chain management is a broad concept that traverses the limits of a single firm to span associated actions of all the businesses that are in the chain of supply.

Any business must apply a harmonized, bi-directional delivery of its commodities plus services, available sale data, anticipated finances and the associated demand trajectories Benton, There are four known types of flows which are significant for the successes of any supply chain management in a business unit.

The chain of supply needs to be effective as this is what drives growth, the realization of profits and customer satisfaction. In my position, I have a huge E business and the supply chain essay to play in the success of the supply chain.

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Integration is not a sufficient reason for the supply chain's success. Better coordination and integration is required. The way products move from the companies plants be it the cars or the spare parts to the consumer is of great significance.

Clients anticipate their requested orders are made available in an appropriate, consistent, and consumable condition. The transport medium remains crucial in attaining this result Christopher, There are many other reasons for this growth in reverse systems, but there are no doubts to a paradigm shift in the handling of supply chains for business entities Benton, The schemes for the return of goods usually have to be planned differently from the existing forward techniques.

Certain factors such as the location of the clientele, the size of ordered commodities, and arrangement of facilities for such services are typically different from those of supply to the consumer. There should be a prudent utilization of the available medium of transport in a way that the customers find a value for the items ordered.

Accordingly, there has been a development of business firms that specialize in returning goods to the manufacturer in case they have not met the agreements that were in the order document from the consumer.

Toyota is keen on exploring such alternatives to ensure client satisfaction at all times. Another type of flow is the movement of information. Over the years due to the evolving supply chain management systems, the flow of information has become a necessary ingredient for the success of a company.

Conventionally, the available sales data belonging to a firm has been going to a direction parallel to the way in which products move. This information can help the business units in predicting the demand for a particular product because they can directly speak to the consumer and know the specific needs.

In the event of lack of information regarding the requirements for goods or a long channel of communication, the logistics personnel will usually have a rough time figuring out the client needs.

In the event of lack of such avenues the company will incur a lot of costs while storing products that a consumer may not be interested or not being consumable. There ought to be information channels with which supply personnel can get real-time customer related data of what the consumer needs, cutting the costs of storing such goods in warehouses.

The chain of supply of a product from the manufacturer to the client can take half the time in a case such methods do not exist.

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT In today’s global market, managing supply chain becomes key factor for the successful business and Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a key strategic factor for increasing organizational effectiveness and cost-effectiveness. E-business covers business processes along the whole value chain: electronic purchasing (“e-procurement”) and supply chain management, processing orders electronically, customer service and cooperation with business partners. Supply Chain Management Essay Examples. 17 total results. 1, words. 4 pages. The Importance of the Supply Chain in Today's Society. 3, words. 8 pages. A Description of Supply Chain Management as a Broad Focused Management An Analysis of Credit Electronic Commerce and Supply Chain Management in Business Networking. words. 2.

It is even possible to eliminate an inventory because a firm will have a direct control of the products' marketplace. An important effect of supply chain firmness and quicker order cycle periods have been more rapid cash flows.

Consumers take delivery of orders immediately, and they are payable sooner, and the companies can receive money earlier Lebreton, For any business to succeed in managing its inventory well, it is necessary that it understands the characteristics of the items it sells Cox, The traits can be in the form of the cost incurred, the required time before the items are delivered to the consumer once ordered and the demand characteristics.

The nature of the actual demands holds the greatest effect and thus classified into dependent and independent demand. The independent demand is one that is not related to the request for other items.

However, for example, a company such as Toyota, it requires a product structure for which it would make no sense to forecast something like wheel assemblies independently, simply because the wheel assemblies are dependent on and derived from the demand for the automobile product.

Aggregate planning identifies the best way to utilize the limited resources of a company to meet the time varying demand Benton, This type of planning established the most optimal planning strategy so as to have a so-called monopoly in the marketplace Gattorna, Supply Chain Management & IT - Supply Chain Management & IT Introduction Supply Chain Management (SCM) has become such an integral and essential part of every day business that entire fields of major are dedicated solely to it.

E-Business And The Supply Chain Essay example - E-Business and the Supply Chain Competition, global and domestic, shortened product life cycles, and today's economic conditions provide ongoing challenges for distributors of goods and services.

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Statement of Purpose - Supply Chain Management. I have always aspired to a business career that crosses different borders and cultures, and throughout the past four years I have explored various areas of business to find the area most suitable for me. Supply chain management is the backbone of business in global and competitive world market.

Supply chains are increasingly becoming more complex and dynamic. The success of the business often depends on the success of your supply chain.

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An Introduction To Supply Chain Management Commerce Essay The term supply chain management was first coined by a U.S. industry consultant in the early s. However, the concept of a supply chain in management was of great importance long before, in the early 20th century. E-business affects the supply chain management because it is quite a new paradigm which has changed the way the people work and requires extensive training and assistance.

E business and the supply chain essay

The technology has also changed the way companies maintain their organizations.

Functions Of Supply Chain Management