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Julian uses mesoscale simulation techniques, together with theoretical analysis to construct dynamical models of sub-cellular processes, from the fast single-molecule scale of synaptic vesicle fusion to the slow time-scales of domain formation in membranes and dendritic spine plasticity. Of particular interest is how compositional fluctuations in membranes and the cytoplasm contribute to neuronal spine plasticity. He also teaches a graduate course at EPFL.

Epfl master thesis latex template aps

We also plan to preserve the tradition of diverse participation in the same fashion as the first International Workshop: However, to maintain safety and security for all guests, registration is mandatory and access will be restricted to registered participants only. Find more details about the workshop and registration at https: The School intends to attract graduate students, young scientists and other professionals desiring to familiarize themselves with the topic in a relatively systematic manner.

Participants are expected to have basic knowledge of condensed matter physics, material science and nanoelectronics.

epfl master thesis latex template aps

The registration is now open with the deadline of January 22nd, All the detailed information on the venue, registration, fees, lodging, etc. The discovery and studies of topological insulators gave rise to the discovery of great many topologically non-trivial materials, including topological superconductors.

Their two- and one-dimensional structures hold promise as conductors in energy-efficient superconducting computers, and may be also application-relevant in devices where zero-order Majorana fermions could exist and be controllably manipulated leading to relatively robust, i.

On November 28,the U. This effort will support innovative approaches that will significantly improve the technology in industrial electric motors, which use approximately 70 percent of the electricity consumed by U. Besides developing innovative motor designs as well as reliable and innovative manufacturing of superconductive components, essential enabling technologies will be advanced.

The program will support and boost advanced and cost-efficient manufacturing of high-performance superconducting wires to be employed at high enough temperatures where liquid nitrogen can be utilized.

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See for more information the web site http: The Abstract submission is now open until March 03, We, the organizers of MT25, are looking forward receiving your contribution to this leading conference on Magnet Technology. The Abstract submission is now open from December 01, until February 02, You are invited to join this conference on advanced and comprehensive contributions on the developments in cryogenic engineering and cryogenic materials and to submit an abstract.

epfl master thesis latex template aps

Read more about details of Abstract Submission. The conference topics cover all aspects of superconducting electronics, e. In addition to traditional topics, ISEC will host sessions on more innovative, cutting edge ones, including hybrids with unconventional pairing as well as quantum topological properties toward novel electronic solutions, cryogenic spintronics, interface states in topological superconductors, and insulators interfaced to superconductors.

The ISEC conference series has the consistent policy of holding no parallel sessions. Therefore its program gives a unique opportunity to stimulate discussions among all the participants coming from a wide variety of superconductivity-related research fields.

In particular, further attention will be devoted to exploring the integration of superconductivity with new electronics. A special session will be dedicated to challenges offered by the European quantum technologies flagship. Industrial and technological applications will receive particular attention in a large dedicated exhibition area.

November 15, A Visit http: Prize Items: The fellowship is awarded annually to a current full-time graduate student pursuing a Ph. The intention of the award is to encourage students to enter and contribute to the field of applied superconductivity.

Annually, provided suitably qualified candidates are identified. The maximum number of awards in a given year will be determined by the number of highly qualified candidates and the total Fellowship budget provided by the Council on Superconductivity for that year.

The applicant must have majored in engineering, materials, chemistry, physics or a related area and have received a Bachelor's Degree or equivalent from an accredited college of recognized standing worldwide. Award recipients will be selected based on the quality of their prior work, the impact of their current research or the impact of their potential research in superconductivity, and their financial need.

We expect to distribute the Awards equally across the electronics, materials and large-scale areas of superconductivity. In addition, the awards will be distributed across a diverse range of universities or colleges in terms of applications and geographical location. Award Committee: The President may appoint additional non-voting ex-officio members.

The voting members should have diverse backgrounds and be distributed both geographically and among the 3 categories: Applications must be received no later than January 15, The committee will review the proposals and make a decision.Masters - STV.

Master in Life Sciences and Technologies. Master in Bioengineering. MASTER THESIS OUTSIDE EPFL IN ACADEMIA. master lab immersion industry .doc) Master project cover sheet.

Master project cover sheet (latex) Other forms. Infoscience publication authorization. Student evaluation form. Student evaluation form. This template was created for free by an EPFL doctoral candidate. Following its initial publication, the template's creator modified it to take care of any and all problems that were identified by users.

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Dec 08,  · APS March Meeting January 25, (A). The American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting will be held in Baltimore, MD, USA, from March 14th to 18th, Up to 10, attendees are expected. The program contains numerous oral sessions on both fundamental and applied superconductivity.

Master Thesis in High Energy Physics July 1 Introduction This master thesis studies a possible charge-parity violation in the ψ0 → π+π−J/ψ transition, through the presence of an non-zero chromatic and electric dipole moment in the c-quark bound state.

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