Essay on video games boon or bane

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Essay on video games boon or bane

Over the years, we have stopped writing letters, instead tapping out informal emails. We do not remember phone numbers,depending on our mobiles to pull them up for us. We do not remember birth dates, because that's what Facebook is for; we also wish people there instead of making that two-minute personal phone call.

We do not make the effort of remembering spellings because there's spell-check and auto-correct. We talk to people miles away from us and ignore those who are sitting right next to us.

We tell the whole world where we are and what we are doing. Technology is making our children dumber and as parents we need to train our children to use it wisely. Make the effort to research what your children should do online so that it can become a learning experience and not just a way of escaping from the real world.

Teenagers are the biggest victims and addicts of technology. Teenagers are desperate to stay connected. They're afraid to be left out, afraid they will miss something. This leads to a constant feeling of needing to be "on".

It is like a substance addiction.

Science a Boon or Bane Essay - 875 Words - StudyMode

Children are so overloaded with information that they cannot focus, and so they retain very little. Teenagers are looking for instant gratification as well as acceptance of who they are from their peers. Social media gives them that platform—every picture or post they upload gets them a few likes and comments, thus boosting their morale and triggering feel-good chemicals such as dopamine.

This becomes a pattern that leads to addiction. It has connected people from all over the world.

Essay: Video Games Boon or a Bane

Thanks to WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Viber and the like, we are able to stay in touch with friends that we might have normally drifted away from due to distance. Technology has increased awareness too. Today you are aware of what is happening around the world because of the minute-to-minute updates that you get online.

Technology has helped reduce the use of paper now that you can store documents digitally.

Essay on video games boon or bane

Technology has encouraged self-learning. If you cannot afford to go for a cooking class, you can look for the recipe online and cook up a delicious meal. If you want to learn how to edit a video, you can take an online tutorial and become proficient with some practice.

Fact is that for all its pitfalls, technology is here to stay and there is no escaping the use of it.General essay on science a boon or bane. Posted by on October 12, About the author essay brothers dissertation topics on e-recruitment. Essay of dream job google dich essay fce word limit?

video essay topics descriptive writing. Rules at work essay testing example essay for ielts video game sample ielts essay writing job. Apr 24,  · An interesting reading passage dealing with the possible risks posed by video games on children's health and life in general.

The worksheets also include reading questions ranging from comprehension, to grammar and lexis.4/5(19).

Essay: Video Games Boon or a Bane

Examining God Of War Game Video Games Essay Introduction: God of War is literally based on Greek mythology and focused on protagonist Kratos.

It forms part of a saga which is the series of . words essay on computer boon or bane in page essay template uk 1 page essay questions pdf in hindi essay youtube marathi word essay on accountability video word essay katana questions write my custom essay for me cheap inspire.

conlinebill 20 page essay marker application how to write the essay in hindi summary. Online Shopping in India has gone very famous and these a days mostly people are buying products online revealed by an online survey done in India. It is actually very simple, if you have internet then you can do online shopping.

So, according to me, internet is a boon as well as a bane.” With this, the whole class started discussing among themselves. Everyone participated in the discussion.

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