Master thesis european integration issues

Major economic, political and social challenges are increasingly being met with European solutions. Europeanization is profoundly transforming local, regional and national circumstances in Europe. Europe is developing a single voice at the global stage. Do you want to learn more about the impact of Europe?

Master thesis european integration issues

Departments and centres[ edit ] Department of Economics[ edit ] The Economics Department provides teaching and supervision to PhD students. The research activities of the Department reflect the interests of the faculty and are concentrated in micro, macro and econometrics.

Weekly research seminars are given by scholars from around the world. The teaching in the doctoral programme is based on formal coursework at a level which will allow researchers to pursue academic careers in universities or to follow professional opportunities in international organisations.

In their third and fourth years researchers work on their thesis projects under the guidance of their supervisor while attending research workshops and seminars. The doctoral programme studies the construction of Europe's boundaries and the diversity and complexity of experiences within them.

The department's central concerns are the interlinking of European societies since the Renaissance and the complex cultural legacies that have shaped contemporary Europe.

The HEC community is also committed to exploring the place of Europe in the world through the study of empires, global processes and institutions. The variety of research approaches and themes, as well as the broad background of its professors, enable the Department to recruit high-quality Ph.

It is committed to the study of law in a comparative and contextual manner, with a special focus on European and international law. Courses and seminars are interactive, research-oriented and designed to cover the main subject areas of the Department's work.

master thesis european integration issues

Researchers gain experience in presenting their work, and are encouraged to participate in conferences, workshops and the Department's Working Groups. It also manages research projects and runs a publications programme.

Department of Political and Social Sciences[ edit ] The research programme of the Department of Political and Social Sciences SPS places emphasis on political and social change within Europe at the national, sub-national and transnational level.

The research interests of the Department range across the four sub-disciplines of comparative politics, sociology, international relations, and social and political theory. Courses in both quantitative and qualitative methods are available as options in the first and second year, while field work and data collection normally take place in the second and third year.

It is named for Robert Schuman. The initial set up was rather modest: Global Governance Programme[ edit ] The Global Governance Programme brings together academics, diplomats, public officers and officials from international organisations to connect the worlds of research and policy-making.

It tackles a wide range of issues, including human rights, international trade, development, climate change, internet governance and regional integration. The programme hosts a series of events, including High-Level Policy Seminars, where participants can exchange ideas.

The school also works closely with the European Commission. The FSR organises policy events dealing with key regulatory issues, provides academic training for practitioners, produces regulation research and promotes networking and the exchange of ideas in the areas of:Master's Thesis.

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Each student writes a final thesis (30 credits) as the culmination of his/her work towards the Master in European Studies. The topic of the thesis should fall within the programme's thematic scope and cover the European Union, European integration or European relations broadly conceived.

The latest issue of the quarterly journal L'Europe en formation is dedicated to the relations between the European Union and Central Asia and developments in contemporary Central Asia. Scholars from both regions deliver analyses covering the realms of democracy, natural .

master thesis european integration issues

The M.S. in Human Factors covers human-centered concerns - psychological and physiological - during the design and development of systems, products, and work environments. The international conference ‘Sexual and Gendered Moralities’ under the auspices of the International Association for the study of Religion and Gender (IARG) will take place in Ghent with keynotes of Vineeta Sinha and Peter Nynäs.

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