Montessori quotes and sensitive periods

She was two and a half. So I always knew this child had a gift for words. She loved to be read to, she made up stories and songs and poems and plays; she invented her own mythologies; she composed endless letters to her beloved granny. But she did not read early.

Montessori quotes and sensitive periods

Of course, I always gave him the rule, e. Once one of us or me sounding out the first bit, and him finishing it had sounded out the word, he immediately said it naturally, no problem.

Montessori Sensitive Period Quotes, Quotations & Sayings

This is great, and it is surely a step toward fluent reading, but it is not itself fluent. If you always or usually ask the child to do it, he or she is learning to do that and might then do it dutifully. Sometimes he would stare at a word without saying anything for a while, then he'd just come out with it.

I watched him reading books, and I looked at his eyes moving very quickly over the page. After one longer break from doing cards, a few months after we started, we decided to review all the cards we had done before.

It seems obvious that such reviews could have helped refresh and solidify his knowledge. Beginning several months after starting, I also started asking him to read whole sentences, then short pages, and then whole very easy books.

I always made sure that he knew all the words. So he got more practice that way, and I of course helped him and did not insist or push. He was never eager to do this except in small doses. About six months after he had started, he made another major advance.

He started sight-reading many of the new cards, on the first try, even for rules he hadn't been introduced to before. But we kept doing the cards anyway, to solidify his phonetic understanding.

I was glad we did that solidifying work, by the way; I think it helped. The last time I was regularly making new cards was a little over a year after we started.

How and Why I Taught My Toddler to Read

Since then I did make one set of cards, in the interest of completeness, but I felt rather silly doing it, because he knew the words perfectly well—it was pretty pointless.

I never made cards for the last lists or so. After all, I did show and read to him over 1, cards. I have encountered such skepticism in several places an example ; the toddler brain is supposed to be incapable of learning phonics, so apparently we did the impossible.

His first words read were words that we spelled and sounded out together with refrigerator magnets. I think he found that tedious.A child can have smaller sensitive periods also, for example a child can have a sensitive period for pouring.

Throughout this period you may find that a child will . Before there was Phonics or Whole Language, there was the "Alphabet method," sometimes called "syllabification," where students were taught the letters of the alphabet followed by rote memorization and then combination of simple two-letter syllables, like BA BE BI BO BU and AB EB IB OB UB.

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Montessori quotes and sensitive periods

Montessori – a source of sanity and balance Montessori education in New Zealand will emerge as a source of sanity and balance at a time when our state education system is fast becoming product orientated and market driven, reflecting a machine and screen world where digital technology reigns.

Best Maria Montessori Quotes. January 10, By Deb Chitwood 1 Comment. Previous article: Top 10 Posts from It is a period that, psychologically, is especially sensitive and might be called the “sensitive period of culture” during which the abstract plane of the human mind is organized.” (From Childhood to Adolescence).

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Sensitive Period to Order - Montessori. the child’s sensitive period for order. I will explain how it is catered for in the classroom, referring to materials and activities. Sensitive Periods The Sensitive Periods are the best times for a child to learn a specific skill and are critical to the child’s self development.

The child has this inner urge to undertake the task in order to live.

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