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Lumumba declared Kasavubu's action unconstitutional and a crisis between the two leaders developed. On 17 Januaryhe was handed over to Katangan authorities and executed by Belgian-led Katangese troops.

My country congo

More Information Brief Background As with most conflicts in Africa, the current situation has much to do with the legacy of colonialism. From the violent Belgian imposition of colonial rule by King Leopold II who regarded it as his personal fiefdom and called it the Congo Free State but apparently never once went there himselfmillions have been killed.

The murders have been grotesque, with chopped limbs and more, similar My country congo what has been seen in Sierra Leone recently. After 75 years of colonial rule, the Belgians left very abruptly, relinquishing the political rights to the people of Congo in However, economic rights were not there My country congo the country to flourish.

This brief video summarizes the initial challenges the DRC faced after independence: Lying at the center of the continent, Zaire could provide the U. Over the years, U. Mobutu used his U. When Kabila took power, the Clinton administration quickly offered military support by developing a plan for new training operations with the armed forces.

Hartung and Bridget Moix, Deadly Legacy: But the US continued to deny allegations of its involvement. Corruption, siphoning off massive personal wealth, a plunge in copper prices, and mounting debt led to enormous economic downturns: From the time of Belgian colonial rule, the inhabitants of the region have derived little if any benefit from its natural wealth.

Instead, they have suffered an unbroken succession of abusive political administrations, military authorities and armed political groups that have looted the region and committed human rights abuses with impunity.

My country congo

King Leopold II accrued vast personal wealth without ever setting foot on Congolese soil. The Belgian rulers of the then Belgian Congo, from to used slave labour to plunder its rubber, ivory and timber. After independence inthe long presidency of Mobutu Sese Seko made the newly named Zaire notorious for cronyism and corruption.

When President Mobutu came into office ina sustained period of institutionalised corruption and misappropriation of state resources began. The impact of this corruption is felt on the citizens: Today, Mobutu is deposed and dead, but his legacies live on.

Since then, there have been many internal conflicts where all sides have been supported from various neighbors. The conflict has also been fueled by weapons sales and by military training. The weapons have come from the former Soviet bloc countries as well as the United States, who have also provided military training.

The United States military has been covertly involved in the wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a US parliamentary subcommittee has been told. Instead, the situation deteriorated. Kabila, also backed by the US, had been accused by rebels made up of Congolese soldiers, Congolese Tutsi Banyamulenge, Rwandan, Ugandan and some Burundian government troops of turning into a dictator, of mismanagement, corruption and supporting various paramilitary groups who oppose his former allies.

As the conflict had raged on, rebels controlled about a third of the entire country the eastern parts. Laurent Kabila had received support from Angolan, Zimbabwean and Namibian troops.

Up to the assasination of Laurent Kabila in JanuaryAngola, Zimbabwe, and Namibia supported the Congolese government, while the rebels were backed by the governments of Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi.

The reasons for different regions getting involved are all murky. Rwanda is one example, summarizing a Daily Telegraph news report 31 August The role of Rwanda, though small, has had a number of forces in large areas of the country.

This has been in the backdrop of the genocide when more thanmainly Tutsi Rwandans were slaughtered. Hutu interahamwe militia carried out most of the massacres and fled to neighboring Congo in the eastern region of the DRC after the genocide.

From there, they often launched attacks into their home country, prompting a Rwandan invasion. As a result, Rwanda has justified its role in the four-year war by saying it wanted to secure its border, while critics accused it of using the interahamwe attacks as an excuse to deploy 20, troops to take control of Congolese diamond mines and other mineral resources.

Only individuals were gaining from it. But the Ugandan government has remained silent and has taken no disciplinary action against those individuals.© World Food Programme Via C.

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The Democratic Republic of the Congo is named after the Congo River, which flows through the entire Congo River is the world's deepest river and the world's second largest river by Comité d'études du haut Congo ("Committee for the Study of the Upper Congo"), established by King Leopold II of Belgium in , and the International Association of the Congo.

My Country Congo "This country has far more problems than it deserves, and far more solutions than it applies." This quote is from Ralph Nader is an American political activist, as well as an author, lecturer, and attorney.

My country, Africa: Autobiography of the black pasionaria by Andrée Blouin