Odysseus homecoming essays

False Homecomings In The Odyssey Essay words - 5 pages The majority of the Odyssey is an account of Odysseus' adventures or, rather, misadventures trying to reach his homeland of Ithaka.

Odysseus homecoming essays

Hire Writer He had the potential to be just like Odysseus, stringing the bow that only Odysseus could string, proving that Telemachos has matured to the point that he could almost take his fathers place.

He yields the contest to the suitors, stating: I must be then a coward and weakling, or else I am still young, and my hands have yet no confidence to defend myself against a man who has started a quarrel. As the suitors witness his failure, Telemachos starts to use and perfect the use of clever responses just like his father, making the suitors feel safer than they really are, not letting them see through his ruse.

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Agamemnon, Nestor and Menelaos all had different homecomings, but each of them creates a nicely knit foil for Odysseus. Before Agamemnon arrived, Clytemnestra was plotting the death of her husband due to the sacrifice of their daughter, Iphigenia.

Agamemnon was stabbed to death by the vengeful tag-team. Penelope, unlike Clytemnestra, stays loyal to Odysseus and even creates an ingenious plan to keep the suitors off her back. Telemachos on the other hand has to deal with the suitors who are trying to marry his mother and have been dishonoring his father, Odysseus, eating their fill since they sat their butts on the stools they deem as weapons.

This shows how Telemachos should be as a son and will soon be as he grows up to be more like his father. Menelaos had a long homecoming due to the gods, just as Odysseus had. Menelaos angered the Egyptian gods, due to the lack of knowledge of Egyptian customs.

He was able to get home with all of his crew, unlike Odysseus, who was a lone survivor. Helen was the reason for the Trojan War; for Menelaos it was not easy to forgive an unfaithful wife to that degree.

Odysseus homecoming essays

He cannot rejoin the present as easily due to all that was lost in Troy, destined to be full of grief for eternity. Nestor was the one who had the easiest and most peaceful return home.

His palace was full of peace, unlike Odysseus and the other two men. As the three war heroes returned back to their homes, none of them had to disguise themselves as someone else, making it obvious who they were, which was good and bad.

Odysseus had to resume pretending he was someone else, generally from Crete, until he was certain that the people who caused the most threats were out of the picture. Penelope, just like Odysseus, tests people until she gets enough information to her liking. For example after Odysseus reveals himself to the household and asks for Penelope, Penelope does not believe the news so quickly.

She was not so gullible as to be excited about simple information; she wanted cold hard proof. Penelope shows her cleverness when she wants to see Odysseus, telling Eurykleia: She is not willing to let anyone know she is excited to see her husband, so she plays it off cool, saying she was just going outside in order to see her son, not even mentioning Odysseus by name.

Penelope constantly reconsiders and rethinks what she should do, just like Odysseus tends to do because he never wants to be caught off guard, until Penelope, as clever as she is, starts playing the same game he does. Knowing Odysseus would get flustered with her idea, he revealed who he was by stating that the bed could not be moved due to it being made of the olive tree trunk that the house was built on.

Not one person could out wit Odysseus and yet, his own wife did so easily. Penelope was just as smart as Odysseus, making them perfect foils for one another.

Odysseus was a man of wit and courage, one who was unfortunate enough to anger the gods. Even with his unlucky fate of a long homecoming, he was blessed with a loyal and loving family, a family that highlights the various facets of his personality.

All of these characters molded Odysseus, just as he molded them through the events of the Odyssey. They reflect his growth as a character with their own trials and tribulations.

Without any of them, Odysseus would not be the great character we all know and love. How to cite this page Choose cite format:Essays and criticism on Homer's The Odyssey - Critical Evaluation The Odyssey Critical Evaluation - Essay Homer. the subject of Odyssey is the homecoming of Odysseus ten years after the.

Odysseus can be portrayed as an antihero in The Odyssey.A hero is clever, respectful, brave, and shows mercy. Odysseus is the complete opposite of a hero.

Odysseus homecoming essays

He is immature, barbaric, unfaithful, and a coward. Being faithful, or loyal, is one of the main aspects of being a hero. The Theme of Homecoming in Homer's Odyssey PAGES 5. WORDS 1, View Full Essay. More essays like this: Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin Sign up to view the complete essay. Show me the full essay.

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Sign up to view the rest of the essay. The Odyssey: Foreshadowing the Homecoming The majority of the Odyssey is an account of Odysseus’ adventures trying to reach his homeland of Ithaka. Html odysseus's safe homecoming odysseus essay writing service. essays on we need help please help, odysseus was really interesting.

Lang english 9, if you need in the. Thank god i am writing handled on mythology, and hindered by brett hart odysseus.

An examination of the ancient social practice of "xenia" and its influence upon Odysseus' return to Ithaca.

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