Perfect vacation

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Perfect vacation

Leading up to the trip, the forecast was for snow, lots of it, every day. Day 1 of the retreat, I skipped the morning yoga so that I could cross off a bucket list item — skiing the backcountry in the Grand Tetons.

You earn your turns in the backcountry, and every one of mine was fresh, untracked powder. After a 7-hour day and 3, vertical feet, I wanted to collapse. Exhaustion was an understatement. But instead of hitting the hot tub, I went straight to the eve ning Yin Yoga class.

Perfect vacation

Sometimes it takes a retreat like this to remind me how beneficial AND enjoyable a Yin Yoga class is after an exhausting day, or a tough workout. Day 2 started with yoga, a Vinyasa class to wake us up and get the blood flowing before an awesome day on the mountain.

By 5pm, my fatigued legs could barely get me back to my room. But I hurried to change my clothes in anticipation of the 5: Day 3 my body was struggling. I was tired and sore and I had another big day on the mountain in front of me.

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I was able to socialize with my fellow yoga retreaters during class and my body was able to recover through movement instead of soaking in hot water. I contemplated changing flights, but other commitments waited for me at home — like my job.

This trip also reminded me about setting intentions, not unachievable goals, just intentions for my day. And lastly, this trip reminded me why I love yoga retreats — because I always end up with new experiences, new perspectives and most importantly, new friends!Aug 17,  · Perfect vacation spot!.

Beautiful, well-equipped condo less than yards from Sugar Beach. Two bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, sleeps 6. Well mainta /5(19). perfect vacation By: Emma Havrisciuc If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to Romania. I will go by myself to meet all my family that lives there.

FYI: My family and my uncle's family are the only people from my family that live in America. the rest live in Romania. It’s your vacation.

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