Social work with dementia patients essay

Introduction to Sociology Instructor: Observing the students over the past three months has caused me to ponder over how young people mature and what influences them on a daily basis.

Social work with dementia patients essay

Schizophrenia[ edit ] A systematic review of art therapy as an add on treatment for schizophrenia found unclear effects. Through art therapy, children may be able to make more sense of their traumatic experiences and form accurate trauma narratives.

Gradual exposure to these narratives may reduce trauma-induced symptoms, such as flashbacks and nightmares. The group format is effective in helping survivors develop relationships with others who have experienced similar situations. As a result, clients may be cut off from their emotions, self-rejecting, and detached from their strengths.

Art therapy can be successfully applied to clients with physical, mental or emotional problems, diseases and disorders. Any type of visual art and art medium can be employed within the therapeutic process, including Social work with dementia patients essay, drawing, sculpting, photography, and digital art.

Social work with dementia patients essay

Art therapists may vary the goals of art therapy and the way they provide art therapy, depending upon the institution's or client's needs. After an assessment of the client's strengths and needs, art therapy may be offered in either an individual or group format, according to which is better suited to the person.

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Horovitz wrote, "My responsibilities vary from job to job. It is wholly different when one works as a consultant or in an agency as opposed to private practice. In private practice, it becomes more complex and far reaching. If you are the primary therapist then your responsibilities can swing from the spectrum of social work to the primary care of the patient.

This includes dovetailing with physicians, judges, family members, and sometimes even community members that might be important in the caretaking of the individual.

Art therapy can benefit children with a variety of issues, such as learning disabilities, speech and language disorders, behavioral disorders, and other emotional disturbances that might be hindering a child's learning. Art therapists work closely with teachers and parents in order to implement their therapy strategies.

There are also many psychological assessments that utilize artmaking to analyze various types of mental functioning Betts, Art therapists and other professionals are educated to administer and interpret these assessments, most of which rely on simple directives and a standardized array of art materials Malchiodi; Betts, Below are some examples of art therapy assessments: Mandala Assessment Research Instrument[ edit ] In this assessment, a person is asked to select a card from a deck with different mandalas designs enclosed in a geometric shape and then must choose a color from a set of colored cards.

The person is then asked to draw the mandala from the card they choose with an oil pastel of the color of their choice. The artist is then asked to explain if there were any meanings, experiences, or related information related to the mandala they drew.

This test is based on the beliefs of Joan Kellogg, who sees a recurring correlation between the images, pattern and shapes in the mandalas that people draw and the personalities of the artists.

This test assesses and gives clues to a person's psychological progressions and their current psychological condition Malchiodi The mandala originates in Buddhism ; its connections with spirituality help us to see links with transpersonal art.

House—Tree—Person[ edit ] 4-year-old's drawing of a person In the house-tree-person test, the client is asked to first draw a house, then a tree, then a person, and is asked several questions about each.

As ofthis test had not been well-validated. The early art therapists who published accounts of their work acknowledged the influence of aesthetics, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, rehabilitation, early childhood education, and art education, to varying degrees, on their practices.

The British artist Adrian Hill coined the term art therapy in He wrote that the value of art therapy lay in "completely engrossing the mind as well as the fingers …releasing the creative energy of the frequently inhibited patient", which enabled the patient to "build up a strong defence against his misfortunes".

He suggested artistic work to his fellow patients. That began his art therapy work, which was documented in in his book, Art Versus Illness. Other early proponents of art therapy in Britain include E.

The British Association of Art Therapists was founded in Naumburg, an educator, asserted that "art therapy is psychoanalytically oriented" and that free art expression "becomes a form of symbolic speech which…leads to an increase in verbalization in the course of therapy.

The American Art Therapy Association was founded in International networking contributes to the establishment of standards for education and practice. The term 'art brut' was first coined by French artist Jean Dubuffet to describe art created outside the boundaries of official culture.

Dubuffet used the term 'art brut' to focus on artistic practice by insane-asylum patients. The English translation "outsider art" was first used by art critic Roger Cardinal in Art therapy professionals have been accused of not putting enough emphasis on the artistic value and meaning of the artist's works, considering them only from a medical perspective.Social workers have the skills to help people with dementia and family members adjust to a new diagnosis and a new way of living.

Elizabeth Gould, MSW, LCSW is a director at the Alzheimer’s Association, National Office, in Chicago, IL. Art therapy (not to be confused with arts therapy which includes other creative therapies such as drama therapy and music therapy) is a creative method of expression used as a therapeutic technique.

Art therapy, as a creative arts therapy modality, originated in the fields of art and psychotherapy and may vary in definition.. Art therapy may focus on the creative art-making process itself, as. Published: Mon, 5 Dec When working in health and social care, there are certain laws and policies which we have to follow.

Some of them are the policies and procedures made by our organizations while some are rules and regulations set up by the government.

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Social work with dementia patients essay

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