Voluntary simplicity essay

Hire Writer It is deserving observing that every bit much as asceticism which refers to a the pattern of populating a life that is characterized by forbearing and abstaining from secular pleasances that normally include sex. The history of voluntary simpleness is believed to be related to asceticism and started with the traditions of Shramana in Iron Age India. Religious beliefs have it that Buddha and the scriptural John the Baptist were abstainers.

Voluntary simplicity essay


What is Voluntary Simplicity? Extravagance and acquisitiveness are accordingly considered an unfortunate waste of life, certainly not deserving of the social status and admiration they seem to attract today. The affirmation of simplicity arises from the recognition that very little is needed to live well — that abundance Voluntary simplicity essay a state of mind, not a quantity of consumer products or attainable through them.

It does not involve regressing to a primitive state or becoming a self-righteous puritan. And it is not some escapist fad reserved for saints, hippies, or eccentric outsiders.

A Glorification of Poverty? Voluntary simplicity can be misinterpreted sometimes as glorifying or romanticizing poverty, a myth encouraged perhaps by the fact that some of the more extreme proponents of simplicity — e. Diogenes, St Francis, Gandhi, Voluntary simplicity essay. Such extremism can be alienating if it is considered to be a defining or necessary feature of the simple life, which it is not.

It is of the utmost importance, then, to be perfectly clear on this point: Poverty, in its various dimensions, is debilitating and humiliating. It is about the importance of understanding and attaining material sufficiency, [17] while, at the same time, creating a life rich in its non-material dimensions.

Living simply does not necessarily imply leaving the city to live in the country; nor does it mean becoming a hippie or joining a commune.

Voluntary simplicity essay

Although some may find that an agrarian existence is a very good and natural way to live, it will not be attractive or available to everyone; nor will living in a hippie commune. Indeed, learning how to live more simply and sustainably in an increasingly urbanized world is surely one of the greatest challenges of our age, especially since legal and political institutions and social infrastructure make urban simple living, especially, much more difficult than it needs to be.

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It should be added, however, that those movements do share some common ideals with voluntary simplicity, such as anti-consumerism, self-sufficiency, the celebration of life, a deep respect for nature, and non-violent resistance to unjust features of society.

Voluntary simplicity, furthermore, does not mean indiscriminately renouncing all the advantages of science and technology. It does not mean living in a cave, giving up all the benefits of electricity, or rejecting modern medicine.

But it does question the assumption that science and technology are always the most reliable paths to health, happiness, and sustainability. It is certainly better to accept rather than reject the advantages, though so dearly bought, which the invention and industry of humankind offer — provided, of course, that they are genuine advantages.

Clearly, this is far from being primitive or regressive. Just perhaps our modern technocratic societies will one day come to see that there is a sophistication and elegance to the clothesline, the bicycle, and the water tank that the dryer, the automobile, and the desalination plant, decidedly lack.

Upscaling, Downshifting, and the New Consumer 1st ed, The term voluntary simplicity was coined by Richard Gregg, an American lawyer and committed follower of Gandhi. The Poetic Alternative to Consumer Culture A New Social Movement? Perspectives of Socioeconomics for a Changing World The Consumer Society and the Future of the Earth Join our community and stay informed by entering your email below: Our position is that simple living will improve not only our own lives, but the lives of others, as well as help save our planet from the environmental catastrophe towards which we are so enthusiastically marching.

Voluntary Simplicity & The Conundrum of Consumption | Essay Example

We must experiment creatively, like the artist. We must be the poets of our own lives and of a new generation.In broadest terms, this essay is about a counterculture of self-imposed moral and economic limits, or rather cultures (plural), running through and against mainstream American liberalism from the early colonial era down to the present, at some points more strongly than others.

At rare moments, it's. Voluntary Simplicity & The Conundrum of Consumption Essay Sample In Culture Jam: the Uncooling of America, media activist Kalle Lasn asserts that culture of consumption, which has characterized the American way of life for the better part of the 20 th century, is uncool.

Voluntary simplicity is a philosophy. Often called compassionate living, it is a conscious choice to simplify your life and a deliberate downshifting to create the life and home environment that fit you and your family.

Voluntary simplicity tries to explain that people should not concentrate so much on the making of money and accumulation of wealth at the expense of the purity of their souls, the health and life of their minds, the cohesion of their family and friends and the good of the community and the society as a whole.

DISCUSSION COURSE ON VOLUNTARY SIMPLICITY The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. ˜ HANS HOFFMAN VOLUNTARY SIMPLICITY Northwest Earth Institute VOLUNTARY SIMPLICITY How to Start a Discussion Course for the next meeting.

Be sure to end the class on time. Voluntary simplicity, or simple living, is a way of life that rejects the high-consumption, materialistic lifestyles of consumer cultures and affirms what is often just called ‘the simple life’ or ‘downshifting.’.

How to Simplify Your Life With Voluntary Simplicity - Benefits & Challenges