Write about the two epics ramayana and mahabharata

Ramayana and Mahabharata — Epic Literatures Article shared by: The Vedic literature was vast and varied. It contained the highest spiritual thought of the seers and sages. It was understood only by the learned.

Write about the two epics ramayana and mahabharata

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Sangam literature[ edit ] Pandya kings find mention in a number of poems in the Sangam Literature. Among them Nedunjeliyan II'the victor of Talaiyalanganam', and Mudukudimi Peruvaludi 'of several sacrifices' deserve special mention. Beside several short poems found in the Akananuru and the Purananuru collections, there are two major works — Mathuraikkanci and the Netunalvatai in the collection of Pattupattu — which give a glimpse into the society and commercial activities in the Pandyan kingdom during the Sangam age.

Epigraphy[ edit ] The earliest Pandyan king to be found in epigraph is Nedunjeliyan, figuring in the Tamil-Brahmi Mangulam inscription assigned from the 2nd to the 1st centuries BCE. The record documents a gift of rock-cut beds, to a Jain ascetic. In his inscriptions Ashoka refers to the peoples of south India — the CholasCheras, Pandyas and Satiyaputras — as recipients of his Buddhist proselytism.

The conquest by Dharma has been won here, on the borders, and even six hundred yojanas 5,—9, km away, where the Greek king Antiochos rules, beyond there where the four kings named PtolemyAntigonosMagas and Alexander rule, likewise in the south among the Cholasthe Pandyas, and as far as Tamraparni river.

Pandyas are also mentioned by Greek Megasthenes where he writes about southern kingdom being ruled by women. He described it in Indika as occupying the portion of India which lies southward and extends to the sea. According to his account, it had villages, each of which was expected to meet the needs of the royal household for one day in the year.

He described the Pandyan queen at the time, Pandaia as a daughter of Heracles. Nelcynda is distant from Muziris by river and sea about five hundred stadia, and is of another Kingdom, the Pandian.

This place also is situated on a river, about one hundred and twenty stadia from the sea The kingdom of Panyue is also called Hanyuewang.

It is several thousand li to the southeast of Tianzhu Northern India The inhabitants are small; they are the same height as the Chinese Hill identified Panyue as Pandya kingdom. A Roman trading centre was located on the Pandyan coast at the mouth of the Vaigai river, southeast of Madurai.

Pandyas also had trade contacts with Ptolemaic Egypt and, through Egypt, with Rome by the 1st century, and with China by the 3rd century. The darkest man is here the most highly esteemed and considered better than the others who are not so dark.

Let me add that in very truth these people portray and depict their gods and their idols black and their devils white as snow.

write about the two epics ramayana and mahabharata

For they say that God and all the saints are black and the devils are all white. That is why they portray them as I have described.Nov 22,  · Ramayana and Mahabharata are the two great epics of Indian mythology which are full of stories which are taken as anectodes in every day today benjaminpohle.com writing maestros are Maharishi Valmiki or Balya Bheel formerly known for as or notorious for his crime acts or dacoit.

There are some records regarding the first narration of the two epics-Ramayana and Mahabharata both. However, this is no exact proof of the exact origin of the narration. The theories shared so far is enough to amuse you and is a worthy read. According to the Puranas, it was Luv and Kush, the two.


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TREASURES OF THE MAHABHARATA - THE RAMAYANA Two great epics of India and South Asia By Arthur L. Basham THE MARRIAGE OF DRAUPADI An episode from the Mahabharata THE COLLECTIVE DREAM OF A CONTINENT By Anil de Si/va HANUMAN, LEADER OF THE MONKEYS. The term for puppetry, wayang, comes from the Indonesian word for shadow bayang.


Wayang kulit, shadow puppetry using figures made from water buffalo hide, is considered to be the oldest freestanding puppet form; the earliest references to it date from the s. The Mahabharata (which may be translated from Sanskrit to mean ‘The Great Epic of the Bharata Dynasty’) is one of the two major Sanskrit epic poems of ancient India, the other being the Ramayana.

In a nutshell, the Mahabharata is about the Kurukshetra War.

write about the two epics ramayana and mahabharata

Between and , scholars at the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune, compared the various manuscripts of the epic from India and abroad and produced the Critical Edition of the Mahabharata, on 13, pages in 19 volumes, followed by the Harivamsha in another two volumes and six index volumes.

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