Writing a policy briefing note

Bibliography Definition A policy memo is a practical and professionally written document that can vary in length from one page to over one hundred pages. A well-written policy memo reflects attention to the research problem. It is well organized and structured in a clear and concise style that assumes the reader possesses limited knowledge of, as well as little time to conduct research about, the issue of concern.

Writing a policy briefing note

Instructions provided in the attachment. Do not write more than 1, words!

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Prepare a briefing note of no more than 1, words excluding title page and bibliography on the hypothetical scenario described below. The briefing note should include references APA style.

While the use of references may not be prototypical for briefing notes, the academic nature of this exercise renders it a required element. Note that reference materials on preparing briefing notes have been provided on our Moodle course website to assist you in the assignment.

Unionville General Hospital UGH has been experiencing a growing number of service pressures due to fiscal pressures, population growth, and aging. These growing pressures are causing UGH to consider new approaches and strategies. The status quo is just not an option.

The UGH Board of Directors had hoped that the establishment of the multi-year Hospital Accountability Agreement with the LHIN would solve the year-after-year ambiguity of funding levels and the uncertainty of looming deficits and consequent balancing between service needs and operating costs.

As a result, the accountability agreement and the potential penalties contained therein often meant skewed priorities for UGH and less ability to meet the actual needs of the community.

For example, the accountability agreement measured the reduction in wait times for hip and knee replacements and the hospital had no choice but to prioritize this service to avoid financial penalties, even though the real need in the community was for increased cardiac care.

The UGH Board was also facing frequent complaints from its physicians that they could not get the operating room time and the clinic time they needed to serve their patients.

Several doctors were threatening to stop taking emergency call while a number of them went as far as contemplating the prospect of changing hospitals.

writing a policy briefing note

These trends were very worrisome to the UGH Board and management. There were 2 neighbouring hospitals within the LHIN offering many of the same programs to their communities.

The 3 hospitals were about 20 to 30 minutes from each other. There was historical competition among the 3 hospitals to open specialty programs in such areas as cardiac care, rehabilitation, geriatrics, and other areas.

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It was obvious and confirmed by the LHIN that all 3 hospitals were suffering the same fate. Something had to be done. The three Board Chairs had met and agreed to support talks by their management teams.

As the Chief Executive Officer of UGH, you have been asked to present recommendations to the Board for integration options with one or both of the two neighbouring hospitals.

While the full range of integration options are possible, there appears to be a general lack of will by all parties for a formal corporate amalgamation. Other options for clinical, service, functional, and physician integration seem to hold more promise. You are to prepare a briefing note for the Board on preferred options and next steps.Length: A briefing note should be as short and to the point as possible.

Ideally one page, and two pages at the absolute limit. Ideally one page, and two pages at the absolute limit. Bullet points should be used, with sentences as short and concise as possible. The IPCC report-writing process Briefing note technical summary, and a summary for policymakers.

Each summary for policy makers is approved by members of the Panel in plenary session. The writing teams first create an initial draft text (the zero order draft) which. Include the name of who you’re writing the briefing document for, the current date and the subject of the briefing note at the top.

Many briefing notes start off with a “Purpose” section, which is used to identify the reason for the note. Write a briefing note outlining an explanation of the issue, current government responses, potential policy options, and recommended actions.

Include references to reputable sources.

Your one-page brief should include:

Writing a Briefing Note a core concept in Communication Skills and Atlas The recent history of a policy or its political significance might be useful, but can always be asked for separately. Susan Doyle (), How to Write a Briefing Note, in Engl Writing for Government.

Apr 27,  · How to Write a Policy Brief.

writing a policy briefing note

Policy briefs are one of the most common and effective written communication tools in a policy campaign or outreach. However, many people find these to be the one of the most difficult things to write! What is a policy brief? A policy brief outlines the rationale for a particular policy alternative or course of action 93%().

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