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Top small cities to start a business 1. Alpharetta, Georgia Located about 26 miles north of Atlanta, this city of nearly 60, ranks as the top small city for businesses because of its ability to attract companies both large and small. Although multinationals such as McKesson and Hewlett-Packard have satellite offices in Alpharetta, the Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce also supports a strong local business environment. Redmond, Washington Redmond is home to Microsoft, which is a huge boon for entrepreneurs.

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Use the Search option to see if your business entity can E-file an Annual Report. To determine when your Annual Report is due, you need to Search our entity database. The easiest way is to search by name.

For example, if your 'initial filing' date is May 15, your Annual Report is due May 1 of each year. Statutory Trust Annual Reports are due by January 1 of each year. If you don't have the Filing ID, use the Search option. For corporations, the names and addresses of the Officers and Directors.

For some entities, current financial information necessary for the computation of the license tax. If you wish to file electronically, we accept Visa or MasterCard credit cards and Visa or MasterCard authorized debit cards.

Additional Information Information provided should be current as of the date the Annual Report is submitted on behalf of the company. Additional fees for E-filing include a convenience fee based on the total amount of the license tax.

Customers who do not wish to pay the additional cost to file online, or who do not want to file electronically, may choose to print the Annual Report and mail it in at no cost on the 'Confirmation' step of the Annual Report Wizard.

Simply print and sign the completed Annual Report and mail it in with the proper filing fee. The convenience fee covers the cost incurred by the Business Division in offering the online Annual Report filing service to our customers.

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It covers credit card fees and other costs. Fees are as follows:Reliant FCU has been serving Wyoming communities since Maintenance On Saturday, November 10th, from 9pm to 3am on Sunday, November 11th, you may not have access to Reliant FCU online services as we do regularly scheduled maintenance.

Trademarks and Tradenames The name of a business or product, a label, logo, or form of advertisement are some examples of items that may be registered with the Department of Financial Institutions.

The registration is not required, but is a good way to notify the public of the use of a . The decision to start a business is as challenging as it is exciting, and finding the right location is key. NerdWallet found the top small U.S.

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WYOMING - Casper; International. MTV today expanded its global live events business into the U.S. with.

wyoming business report logo

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