Young peoples health and wellbeing care

What Does Our Service Do? We provide a range of services including initial assessments, therapy, group work, emergency assessments and in-patient care. How Does Our Service Work? The team is made up of doctors, nurses and therapists who specialise in child mental health.

Young peoples health and wellbeing care

Search Young People's Health and Wellbeing: This synthesis will contain information an extracts from three external sources these will be listed in the works cited section of the synthesis Defining well-being I will begin this summary with a look at how well-being is generally defined.

Hospital-based care for young people

Well-being is a term generally used to describe physical, mental and emotional health. World Health Organisation, states that health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

In this statement well-being is referred to as an attempt to bring together different aspects of health. This promotes an unhealthy desire for a person to strive for perfection and to always be unhappy with their current state of health.

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Change for Children Dfes, which is aimed at supporting children from birth to 19 years old. The strategy hopes to achieve a set of outcomes for each child these are: These outcomes have been criticised as being biased towards children as opposed to young people.

Young peoples health and wellbeing care

National Youth Agency, There are a variety of arguments for and against the many different policies and government strategies that are set out to promote health and well-being amongst young people. Inequalities Health inequalities are defined as measurable differences in health experience between different population groups.

The most traditional way to measure health inequalities is by socioeconomic status which means an individual position in the labour market. In HBSC surveyed 25 countries and focused specifically on gender differences. As young people grow and develop their lifestyles change in accordance to their ever changing needs these changes are reflected in their health and well-being.

As all the countries have their own cultures, economic, historic and political systems HBSC decided to take the positive elements from each to create programs to promote and influence the health of young people. Due to the fact that many negative health behaviours can start during teenage years such as smoking and drinking, young people are therefore are one of the most important groups to target for health promotion and protection.

Other influences such as sleep and diet will influence their health.

Young peoples health and wellbeing care

Young people who grow up in a positive environment will develop and show high levels of well-being. The way a young person behaves will not only have an impact on their own well-being but that of their parents.

There are five parts to the theory and I will summarise each part starting with the microsystem. The microsystem basically shows the child as being the centre of the environment. The relationships within the microsystem are bi-directional and reciprocal.

Brofenbrenner also included community health services in the exosystem as some young people do not have access to healthcare which will have an impact on their health as they are unable to receive medication or vaccinations.

Society and culture are represented in the theory in a section known as the macrosystem. This represents the laws of society in which a young person must live and grow up by.

If a child sees that their parents are healthy and happy they too will strive to be healthy and happy. I believe that there should be more help set out for parents on nutrition and health so they in turn can pass the information on to their children. I also strongly believe that in poorer areas more should be spent on helping children to do something creative with their time to increase their happiness and general well-being.

Inequalities in Young People's Health. Young Children's Health and Well-being.Our vision: To improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland by providing high quality, integrated physical and mental health care pathways.

PHE: Improving young people’s health and wellbeing: a framework for public health: gives practical support in addressing the specific health and wellbeing needs of children and young people aged.

Guidance for head teachers and college principals on the 8 principles for promoting emotional health and wellbeing in schools and colleges. Welcome to Changes Health & Wellbeing, 12 Steps to mental health charity.

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