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Zoo fun

The female lays egg, males hold egg on the top of their feet, hunches down so skin covers and warms the egg. Spoon crisco shortening in between the two bags and seal them together. This makes a blubber mitten and the kids can insert their hands into the mitten and put their hand into icy water and see the difference that the blubber makes in keeping warm.

Make the different animals in flannel graph, and then the kids can do the story themselves after they have seen you do it.

Room Zoo Have the children bring in their favorite stuffed zoo animal and set up a zoo in the class room.

The Zoo A zoo is a place where people can see wild animals safely. At a zoo, animals are kept in houses, cages, or fenced areas that are similar to their natural homes. Animals usually found in a zoo include elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes, monkeys, zebras, bears, hippopotamuses, snakes, and many kinds of birds.

Zoo keepers keep the animals healthy and take care of roads, walks, and flowers.

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Some kinds of wild animals are in danger of dying out. People are trying to save them. Cookie Cutter Matching Collect a variety of animal cookie cutters. Trace each onto a piece of square tag board and Laminate. Set the tag boards and cookie cutters out to match.

Counting Cages Collect 10 plastic strawberry baskets for cages. Cut index cards in half, and write a number from on each half.

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Put the corresponding number of dots for young children. Turn the baskets over and attach the cards to the top of each basket on the bottom.

Zoo fun

Set the cages out along with 55 small plastic zoo animals. Direct children to count out the right number of animals for each cage. Animal Block Area At many toy stores you can buy those small plastic animals for cheap to put in your block area.

Animal Guess Game Cut pictures of animals 2 of each animal out of magazines or coloring books. All the children should move around the room behaving like the picture of the animal on their back.

The object is for the children to locate their matching animal.

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Sort Animal Crackers Animal crackers can provide excellent sorting and matching experiences for children. And the best part is once you have finished the task, everyone gets to eat the assignment.

Animal Hospital The children can brainstorm ways to make the area look like an animal hospital. Let them make a sign and decorate the area themselves.The Alaska Zoo is a nonprofit established in Our mission is to promote conservation of Arctic, sub-Arctic and like climate species through education, research and community enrichment.

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Find zoo hours, plan your visit, and get tickets or become a member. The World Famous San Diego Zoo is an urban paradise for all ages, the San Diego Zoo is a must-see in SoCal. Save up to $ per ticket!

th Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade Cruise & Holiday Lights Cruise! December Save $17 per adult. Just $19 each! Crochet a Zoo: Fun Toys for Baby and You [Megan Kreiner] on benjaminpohle.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Go a little wild as you stitch everything from lions and tigers to bears and baboons.

Featuring organic materialsReviews: Visit Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, MA. See gorillas, zebras, giraffes, tigers, lion and more. We’re excited to announce that we are among the institutions across Massachusetts participating in this year’s Free Fun Friday initiative, thanks to our partnership with the Highland Street Foundation!

Admission will be free on August 24th, all day long! We look forward to seeing you! For.

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